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OCD + Psychedelics

Senior Thesis Video

︎ THE SHOW 2018

My senior capstone project, displayed at DAAPWorks 2018. Video piece defining OCD, and discussing the emerging field of psychedelic study as treatment for the disorder. Accompanying process book details research and development.

RESEARCH  Reading studies and trend analyses, generally gathering research relevant to the study of psychedelics and mental health. Deepening my understanding of and ability to explain OCD.

DESIGN Scriptwriting, storyboarding, building props, understanding the flow and overall concept. This phase was the bulk of the project: after all, design isn’t just the final product but the entirety of the journey of planning before production.
PRODUCTION Casting, shooting, recording voiceover, editing and color correcting, and compiling the final video. An  in-depth process book details my research, ideation, and process—this piece holds equal import as the final video.

Final Video



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